Gluten Free Cup Cake at "My Sweetopia"

Gluten Free Cup Cake at "My Sweetopia"
The girls at "My Sweetopia" always like to make a special GF cupcake for Angus!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well - the one thing that I've learnt about blogging - you actually have to do it. Very remiss of me to write one post then disappear as I try to organize my life! Unfortunately my world has been turned topsy-turvy over the last couple of weeks - the most significant change of which is that I may have to move back to full time work due to performance opportunities being removed thanks to budget cuts! I love being a musician and playing, but unfortunately it doesn't always pay the bills, and once accounts start looking at how much it costs to maintain a band, well..... the rest I'm sure you can work out. Anyway - that's in limbo, so house renovations are in limbo (thank goodness we hadn't signed with the bank yet!), so extra work...also in limbo - but if you know of a school looking for a brass teacher - then I'm your (wo)man.
A gluten-free challenge this week - Son no.1 just had braces put on - gluten free mush for a week (no he won't eat Elizabeth's mushed up baby food like I suggested!). We managed to find a few soups "La Zuppa" brand which are gluten free - we had to go on a special shopping trip to find sloppy gluten free goodies as apparently mashed potato and pumpkin for a week wasn't his idea of food. Still we are managing, as long as I cook lots of Spaghetti Bolognaise and supply copious amounts of ice-cream he thinks he will live!

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