Gluten Free Cup Cake at "My Sweetopia"

Gluten Free Cup Cake at "My Sweetopia"
The girls at "My Sweetopia" always like to make a special GF cupcake for Angus!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well, here I am, doing what everything else is doing and starting a blog. I turned 40 on the weekend and have decided that it must be time to try something new in my life. What could possibly be interesting about my life, that would interest anyone else, I wonder. Well - I guess what I've spent a lot of my time doing is preparing food and eating it. Why is that a challenge - well two of my children and my husband are coeliacs. To complicate matters, my husband is also a late onset type 1 diabetic - so lots of potato and pasta are out of the question. Even if noone reads my blog - it'll be a chance for me to record my experiences so that I can find recipies again without retrawling through cookbooks for the one that worked.

Where should I start with my Gluten Free adventure - well how about my birthday on the weekend. With 4 children, one still breast-feeding having a huge night out on the town was out of the question. So we did breakfast. Off we trotted with our gang and friends who cared enough to get up early on a Sunday morning to "James Street Bistro" in the Valley. My Coeliacs were happy as they do gluten free bread as well as other yummy options. My husband (Tony - coeliac) had a huge Omlette stuffed with spinach and goats cheese - yum, while Grandma & Steven (coeliacs) chose from the create your own breakfast menu. By the way - Tony had a cappucino - did you know that not all of the chocolate that they sprinkle on the top is gluten free. He always avoids it just in case. So we were all happy - particularly me who had my favourite Eggs Benedict. We stayed long enough to be served a celebratory glass of champagne. Lovely!

Of course we had to have the obligatory birthday cake. My children were disappointed that I wouldn't put 40 candles on the cake. However I was fortunate enough to have an excuse from this daunting task. Grandma brought I beautiful Tiramisu from "Bonjour Patisserie" in New Farm. Due to the copious amounts of cocoa on the top I explained that I couldn't blow the candles out for fear of spreading cocoa across the room. This accepted, we proceeded with the singing of "Happy Birthday" and proceeded to devour this most beautiful cake. I wish now that I'd taken a photo of it to show you. If you haven't been to Bonjour - head there straight away - gluten free pies, cakes and pastries. So many that only the non-gluten free food has stars on it. How fabulous is that!

Well, must go and tackle the washing. Have a great day.


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  1. No- you're not talking to noone, and I know how good it is to hear from your readers, at the very least to confirm that you're not talking to yourself.

    I must confess that I didn't know any of this, Nina (at least I may have known about Tony being coeliac in an earlier era, but may have well forgotten by now). Panda and I have made healthier changes to our food intake over the years (nb the absence of the word,'diet'), but certainly ours is a lifestyle choice, and not so much a matter of necessity, as in your case. The music department secretary at one of my schools was gluten-intolerant, and as I used to pass a Muffin Break shop on my way to work, I would pick her up a gluten-free (or glutton-free as I like to put it) muffin for her- especially around reporting time, when she had to check everyone's spelling.

    Keep going with the blogging- sometimes it's the only way to keep in touch with some people, or to know what's going on in their life. Check out mine if you're really bored ( You might even find Panda's blogs handy too- she might give you some ideas for places to look for recipies, as her lab rat has been exposed to many of her homemade cooking experiments over the last three months- most of them obtained from the internet. I must confess that we both feel much better doing things this way. She's at

    Talk to you soon.