Gluten Free Cup Cake at "My Sweetopia"

Gluten Free Cup Cake at "My Sweetopia"
The girls at "My Sweetopia" always like to make a special GF cupcake for Angus!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Banana Bread beats the Blues!

What a crazy three weeks - firstly just as we're getting ready to head back to school and work, our house is broken into and our car gets stolen along with our wallets - leaving us with no identity and no transport! Do you know how hard it is to get a new driver's licence and hire a car when you have nothing but a birth certificate! Impossible! So after rekeying the 2nd, smaller car and our house, we set ourselves up to go car hunting on the weekend so that we can cart around our family of six without having to take two cars. This plan was of course thwarted by ex-tropical cyclone Oswald coming along and bringing with it crazy wind and rain and no power for two days - so needless to say we were not baking that week.

This week has been back to school, and I had forgotten how grumpy children can get when they're tired from a change of routine - especially our 13 year old boy who has hit high school - talk about over-reaction!

I also seem to have a glut of bananas which no matter how hard we try, suddenly ripen at the same time and need to be used up. One afternoon I made banana and blueberry muffins, which I would have shared with you except that they were demolished in about five minutes - definitely a winner. I'll have to share a photo with you some other time before the kids get to them!

Yesterday was spent looking for a car - exhausting, so today is catch up on housework day. And guess what - more overripe bananas - so I trawled through banana bread recipes and found one on the Coles website which used coconut milk for moisture. It sounded different so gave it a go. They seemed to take longer to cook than the recipe said, and it was still a bit moist after adding an extra ten minutes, but the taste - yum! Definitely banished the blues of the last few weeks. Nothing like a bit of home cooking!

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