Gluten Free Cup Cake at "My Sweetopia"

Gluten Free Cup Cake at "My Sweetopia"
The girls at "My Sweetopia" always like to make a special GF cupcake for Angus!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cooking adventures

So I've discovered the "Good Taste" Magazine, and thought I'd take on the challenge to "Cook the Issue" - Gluten Free of course. So some were success, others failures - but I guess along the way I'm learning about good and bad replacements.

Some that worked:
* Pea and Ham Soup - easy!
* Indian Feast - hmm - not as easy - Vegetable Bhaji were a gluggy disaster and though I liked the Cauliflower dish - the boys thought it was disgusting.
* Pork Parmigiana - I replaced the bread crumbs with polenta and a little bit of gf plain flour - this was a HIT with the boys!
* Chicken Curry pies with Sweet Potato - a "pot" pie - no pastry - also a hit
* My personal favourite - Chickpea & prosciutto minestrone - yum!
Some photos are attached - sorry presentation ain't my thing!

More experiments to come!

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